Fox’s Own War On Christmas

waronxmas.jpgFresh off an extended (made-up) network crusade by personalities like John Gibson and Bill O’Reilly against the Scrooges of the world, Fox News Washington bureau chief Kim Hume appears to have launched her own “War on Christmas.”

Cousin TVNewser reports that during a staff meeting yesterday, Hume blasted what seemed to be some complaining about folks having to work over the holidays.

A tipster writes, “She said that we’re not the government and we don’t get holidays off, that everyone should not plan to have holidays off and should plan to visit their families in October becase we will be staffed on holidays they way we are on non-holiday days. Then she said if you want to be a bureaucrat, go work for the federal government, because we’re not a bunch of bureaucrats. She was really mean about holidays, and told everyone to expect to NOT get holidays off and to leave if you do.”

So there you have it: If you work anywhere but Fox–especially if you’re lucky enough to be a government bureaucrat–make damn sure to celebrate Jesus’s birth on his appointed day, December 25th. However, if you work at Fox, then we recommend you enjoy the Baby Jesus the weekend of October 14th and 15th. It’s just better that way.

And don’t forget, be MERRY or this’ll go into your personnel file.