Fox News: Perserverance, friend, perserverance

Fox's Favorite Looter.jpgFinally, a little bit of comic relief: earlier tonight we were watching Fox News and a mini-promo for “America’s Challenge” came on with slow fade-on fade-out words over images: and I can’t remember the three words (the second was something like “hope” over President Bush on Air Force One) but the last image made my jaw drop: the word “Perserverance” over the picture of the so-called ‘looter’ from the Find/Loot debacle! We have no idea (a) if that person was really a looter; (b) where they got that case of Diet Pepsi or (c) whether Fox was aware of the mini-firestorm of controversy set off by that image. We just thought it was funny, very funny. Which was a nice change.

Also a nice change: Birthdays! Tomorrow, it’s TVNewser’s. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BRIAN!