FourSquare: New BlackBerry Features, New Languages

FourSquare is on a roll, extending new iPhone tools to the Berry platform. What comes next?

FourSquare may not have nailed down its mission yet, but it’s nonetheless moving boldly forward. The company has announced on Twitter that it’s extending the new features it introduced for the iPhone to the BlackBerry.

Late last year, FourSquare upped the ante on the iPhone, making it possible for users to share photos with their check-ins and add comments (effectively making communication among users within FourSquare possible). The tweet put out this week indicates that these features are now available for those on the BlackBerry device.

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Actually, FourSquare later added, the comments feature won’t be available for BlackBerry users until next week.

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This announcement was followed by another, on the company’s blog, which let the world know that FourSquare is now available in five more languages, specifically: French, Italian, German, Spanish and Japanese. I guess this is a natural outcome of the fact that the company gets “check-ins from nearly 200 different countries – including North Korea!

Need some instructions? Here’s what FourSquare says on its blog:

Getting foursquare to work in your language is easy: just update foursquare on your Blackberry, iPhone, or Android, and it’ll switch foursquare to the default language of your device. (And the website will soon be translated, too.) We started with those five languages, but will soon be adding more.

So, there’s no shortage of functionality in the pipeline, it seems. But, where is it pointed?