Flash: Brightcove Plans iPad Video Assist

Flash doesn’t work on the iPad, pretty much making online video advertising a non-issue. But leading video technology provider Brightcove says it has a solution.

The company has announced that it will soon begin assisting its partners in delivering video content and advertising using HTML5, the Web site technology format which, as an alternative to Flash, enables video to be viewed on iPhone, iTouch and iPad devices. That’s potentially big news for brands that advertise on the Web via video — particularly given that Apple has already sold 1 million iPads — mostly to a highly desirable, early-adopter consumer base.

While content publishers and advertisers could elect to encode their video assets so that they are compatible with HTML5, most won’t want to or be able to, said Jeff Whatcott, Brightcove’s vp of marketing. “The problem is, it’s very different than Flash,” he said. “Flash is tremendously convenient…below the surface there is a lot going on with HTML5.”

And since the iPad launched, many of Brightcove’s 1,500 partners (which include The New York Times, Discovery, A&E and Fox) have been asking for help, according to Whatcott. “Our customers came to us and said, this is what we pay you for,” he said. “If you are a Brightcove customer, you don’t have to deal with the headache of HTML5.”

Brightcove should have this new capability fully in place by the end of June, said Whatcott.

As part of this new endeavor, Brightcove will expand its partnership with FreeWheel, a company that specializes in video ad serving and monetization rights. That should provide advertisers with more options as they’ll theoretically be able to target iPad users with the right video message at the right time.

“Successful media companies understand that effective advertising strategies require monetization across multiple platforms, utilizing multiple formats,” said FreeWheel CEO Doug Knopper.

“It’s clear that HTML5 will become a pervasive standard for Web video and we are excited to partner with companies like Brightcove to bring this advertising solution to our clients,” said Knopper.

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