First-ever M&A game hits iOS


Ever wish you could build your own corporate empire, negotiating deals with competitors using every trick at your disposal, including flattery and bullying? That’s the world inside Ansarada’s M&A Game, the first iOS title to capture the shark-like world of mergers and acquisitions.

And it’s not even a gaming company who’s breaking ground here, as Ansarada hosts and builds data rooms designed exclusively for mergers and acquisitions, but the company saw an opening in the market, and decided to bring their M&A expertise to the world of mobile games.

“We’re really an entrepreneurial company and we wanted to do something different that no one in our industry has ever done before,” says Eric Bigalke, Ansarada’s Regional Manager for the Americas. “Our competitors have been entrenched in the market for some time, and generally try to do things pretty conservatively. We take a different approach. We thought this game would be a fun way for people to learn more about our industry, while at the same time, a great way to get our name out there. With gaming becoming more and more popular, we saw this as our opportunity to make a big splash.”

MA_300The M&A Game enables you to build a team of bankers and lawyers, acquire financial reports on target companies, deal with unexpected market scenarios that will both positively and negatively impact everything from revenue to overall company value, and of course, use data rooms like Ansarada as you apply due diligence.

“The concept is, you’re trying build an empire by buying, selling and merging companies to grow your portfolio,” says Bigalke. “We really tried to make the game realistic, so we have a range of real industry sectors and options for negotiation tactics.

“People who work in M&A are all really competitive, and this game is all about competition. There’s a leaderboard of people’s portfolios in the game, and we’ve really tried to appeal to everyone’s competitive nature who is involved in mergers and acquisitions. The thrill of you climbing higher and higher on the leaderboard is what keeps you coming back for more.”

To see your name at the top of those leaderboards, gamers will want to go out and dominate each industry group. By achieving a certain level in one industry, you’ll unlock access to another sector. That’s where the real (fake) money comes into play, as you become CEO and amass your virtual fortune, including everything from cars and helicopters to luxury yachts.

But the game is about more than just “he with the most helicopters wins,” as it’s actually teaching people about the inside world of high-stakes M&A as they play, something that might come in handy to a student curious about stepping foot into the financial world for real upon graduation.

“I think this could definitely be used as a teaching tool,” says Bigalke. “Within each industry group, people learn acronyms that they never would have known before. The game is a way for people to break into the industry and a great way to get people to find out more about finance, which I don’t think too many high school or college kids are really doing right now.

“What’s funny, though, is we initially built the game to give our clients an escape from their daily jobs, but from what we’ve heard, there have actually been people who have had to delete the game from their iPhones because they were spending too much time caught up in the game.”

So while the end goal is world domination (you want to be the guy with the biggest skyscrapers and the most helicopters), at the same time, you want to make sure you’re getting your real job done during the day.

If only you could pay real rent with virtual currency.