Firmware Update Available for the Kindle Fire

Amazon rushed the Kindle Fire out the door yesterday, and only a few hours later it was followed by an important firmware update.

Few details have been released on the update, but I suspect that it fixes a number of performances issues raised by the early reviewers. It probably also smooths the rough edges in the Kindle Fire software.

According to Amazon, the update adds support for email, children’s books, and better magazine support. You can get the update by turning on your Kindle Fire’s Wifi and telling it to sync with your account on Amazon. It will download the update in the background and install the update the next time the device is asleep.

While you could argue that Amazon could have waited for this update before shipping the Kindle Fire, it’s not unusual anymore for updates to be released almost as fast as the device. This might not offer the best user experience, but it does get the devices into the hands of the gadget-lusting buyer sooner, which is what most wanted anyway.