Fired Post Editor Comes Forwards With Allegations

guzman.jpgRupert Murdoch just can’t catch a break these days: He’s waging war against Google, The New York Post‘s readership is down, and he’s got to deal with this Glenn Beck debacle for calling Barack Obama racist. On top of that there has been this scandal of Sandra Guzman, the editor who was fired from The Post for after speaking out against their cartoon portraying Obama’s stimulus package as a dead monkey, which has raised complaints of racism from the NY Association of Black Journalists, among other groups. (The Post has denied there is any connection between the complaint and her termination.)

Now Guzman has come forward with a 38-page complaint against The Post and its editor in chief Col Allan for not only being racist, but sexist as well. Some of the highlights of the suit, after the jump.

Allan’s sexual harassment of female employees at a bar:

“On one occasion when Ms. Guzman and three female employees of the Post were sharing drinks at an after-work function. Defendant Allan approached the group of women, pulled out his blackberry and asked them ‘What do you think of this?’ On his blackberry was a picture of a naked man lewdly and openly displaying his penis. When Ms. Guzman and the other female employees expressed their shock and disgust at being made to view the picture, Defendant Allan just smirked… [N]o investigation was ever conducted and the Company failed to take any steps to address her complaints.”

And at company parties:

“On another occasion, upon information and belief, Defendant Allan approached a female employee during a party at the Post, rubbed his penis up against her and made sexually suggestive comments about her body, including her breasts, causing that female employee to feel extremely uncomfortable and fearing to be alone with him.”

Other male employees treating women inappropriately at the office:

“A White male senior editor sexually propositioned a young female Copy Assistant, telling her that ‘If you give me a blowjob, I will give you a permanent reporter job.'”

And the racist nature of The Post itself:

“The last five employees who were recently terminated by Paul Carlucci, the Publisher of the Post…. Have all been black and/or women of color.”

Whether this complaint ever makes it to court or gets settled behind closed doors, it’s just another piece of bad press that The Post and Murdoch are going to have to do some major spin on to fight off the critics who claim that News Corp. is heading for a downfall.

Read the entire suit: NEW YORK POST LAWSUIT: Shocking Allegations Made By Fired Employee

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