Find the Best Price for Any Amazon Product with a Single Tweet

Twitter’s great for browsing what people are saying about certain products, to get a feel for consumer reactions before you buy. But now there’s a service that goes one step further, and helps you find the best price for any given product – as long as it’s sold by Amazon.

@sggst (pronounced “suggest”) enables you to find the best price for any product sold by Amazon with a single tweet. You simply sign in to Twitter, type @sggst followed by the name of a product, and @sggst will @reply with a link to the product on Amazon, at the best price.

Currently, @sggst can only query the Amazon UK database, so you’re out of luck if you’re located stateside. However, the company is looking to expand to other databases (no word yet on whether it will expand outside of Amazon), so you can expect more global coverage soon.

Jonathan MacDonald, digital media entrepreneur and founder of the company behind @sggst, has this to say about this new service:

“I was originally inspired by the Penn State research at the end of 2009 which found that 20% of tweets were brand-related. At the same time there was a great deal of talk about Twitter trying to find revenue models. I looked into what would actually be valuable to people, rather than just putting adverts in tweets, and came up with the idea to use Twitter to find the best prices on products.”

@sggst earns affiliate fees for every sale that they make through Twitter. This is a pretty innovative business model, and it will be interesting to see how profitable they are in a few months from now.