Find long lost relatives at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial online

vietnamveteransmemorial.jpgThe Vietnam Veterans Memorial is among the most visited historical place in Washington. Family and friends of Vietnam War Veterans troop to the Memorial Day in and day out to pay tribute to their loved ones who risked their lives in Vietnam. Now, these family members would be glad to know that they no longer have to go to Washington to pay their homage to the Vietnam Heroes. Even those who are curious about the Vietnam Veterans Memorial will now find it easy to get a feel of what lies in the memorial without going to Washington. Now, all we have to do is visit the Vietnam Veterans Memorial online, right in the comforts of our own home.
The VVM online is an interactive version of the actual Memorial in Washington. The online version is a project of in partnership with the National Archives and Records Administration. The online version of the memorial contains the names and record information of the 58,000 American casualties of the Vietnam War. And the online wall which consisted of 460 feet wide of photos is searchable.

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial is also an interactive site. Visitors can upload photos of the war heroes in the online Memorial, and they can also write their memories of the war heroes. Later on, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial will evolve into a full blown social networking site, for the family members of the Vietnam War heroes to interact and share memories of their loved ones.

Visitors can browse service records of Vietnam War veterans by their names, enlistment type, service, and hometown.

So if you are looking for long-lost relatives whom you know served during the Vietnam War, you might want to take the site’s search engine for spin. Who knows you might find your relatives at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial online.