Feed Children in Africa by Taking Photos with Mario Batali’s Food App

Mario Batali is teaming up again with non-profit group, The Lunchbox Fund, to feed disadvantaged children in South African schools. Just take a photo of your food  with Feedie at any participating restaurant and the establishment will make a small donation to the lunchbox fund. By sharing photos, you are raising awareness and raising money for food. So, the next time someone mentions starving kids in Africa, just tell them to take a picture!

Feedie is an app by The Lunchbox Fund that transforms your passion for sharing food photos into actually sharing food for those who need it.
Simply sign up via Facebook or Twitter, and visit a participating restaurant. When you use Feedie to take a photo of your meal and post it, the restaurant makes a donation to The Lunchbox Fund—a non-profit organization that provides daily meals to schoolchildren in South Africa. Your post thanks the restaurant and spreads the Feedie message!

Unfortunately, these eateries are only in NY, but with the right critical mass, the app might launch other philanthropist restaurants elsewhere.