FDA Wants Drug Companies To Tweet Dangerous Side Effects

FDA Wants Drug Companies To Tweet Dangerous Side Effects

The FDA is looking to Twitter for another avenue to educate consumers about the possible dangers of prescription drugs.

As the Huffington Post notes, the FDA is exploring a new method of regulation in its as-yet-solidified “Guidance for Industry” document.

In it, the FDA outlines how prescription drug companies must use Twitter to tweet the possible side effects of certain prescription drugs – as opposed to simply touting the benefits:

“Regardless of character space constraints that may be present on certain Internet/social media platforms, if a firm chooses to make a product benefit claim, the firm should also incorporate risk information within the same character-space-limited communication.”

The document also requires that drug manufacturers include a link to a web page with more information than can be contained in a single tweet, and it nips any objections in the bud by explaining that Twitter might not be the best place to advertiser if a company cannot include all required information in a single tweet:

“If a firm concludes that adequate benefit and risk information, as well as other required information, cannot all be communicated within the same character-space-limited communication, then the firm should reconsider using that platform for the intended promotional message.”

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