FBReader For Android Gets An Update

Geometer, one of the developers of FBReader, has just announced a new update to the Android version of this popular reading app.

FBReader is an open source reading app that runs on may different devices and reads many different formats. Device support includes Windows, Android, Linux, Nokia Internet tablets, and the iRex Iliad & Digital Readers. Note: the Android app only supports oeb, epub, and fb2 at this time.

The new version includes a number of tweeks and minor improvements:

  • language support updated for Czech, Chinese
  • French, German, and Hungarian (?)
  • New Library view (like network library view)
  • New book info activity: large cover image, annotation, etc.
  • Speed and memory usage improvements for HUGE epub libraries
  • Devices with no hardware menu button are supported: double tap in the bottom half of the screen shows a menu

You can download the app from the Android Market. It’s also available on the FBReader website.