FBLA 20 Questions: Emmanuelle Richard

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Foreign correspondent, Emmanuelle Richard contributes to French daily LiberationSwiss public radio and French Vogue. She blogs, she’s clever and has that effortless French chic but a wicked sense of humor about the world, showbiz and Los Angeles. We’re overjoyed she answered our questions.(And a word to all future 20 Questioners–she sent us all the URLs, saving us hours of valuable time.)

1. What newspapers do you read?

The New York Post, first thing in the morning since they started delivering in L.A. a few years ago. I wish I could say the LA Times  (where her busband works), but I love too much starting the day laughing out loud or shouting: “Good Lord!” You have a sense that the people there have a blast hunting for stories, producing the pages and coming up with insane headlines. And you grow so fond of the gallery of characters, apart from the many unpleasant anti-European columnists. Then I grab the LA Times, starting with the Opinion section. I also check the website of the national daily paper I work for in France, the left-leaning Liberation.

2. Which ones do you move your lips to while reading?

You mean, when you silently mutter WTF? More often than not, the LAT, especially when they feel the need to rephrase a paragraph three times in one story that could easily be 30% shorter. To be fair, my hometown paper also induces a lot of silent “WOW”s, and I often end up defending it in conversations in LA. where trashing the LAT seems like a requisite sport. Coming from France where investigative journalism is as foreign as tofu, I feel very lucky to have the LAT.

3. Which websites are on your Favorites bookmark?

I live and breathe for the Drudge Report. I also check my husband Matt’s blog and his work’s team blog, Opinion L.A. Right now, in the
middle of the Gazergateloolapooza as he calls it, I refresh FBLA, LaObserved and Deadline Hollywood Daily 5,000 times a day. I also find the private investigator blog PIBuzz.com very useful. Since I do a lot of Hollywood-related work and celebrity interviews, I check LAist, Defamer, the Fug Girls, Perez Hilton, KausFiles (for its savant mix of italics and exclamation points), and all the blogger friends, Amy Alkon, Ben at Science Blog

4. Where do you get your car washed?

I wash it myself and wax it too. I hate the idea of driving more to get it washed.

5. Do you know your dentist’s first name?

Pierre, from my hometown of Lyon, France. I often bring him the newest American tooth gadgets: complex flossing utensils, whitening mouthpieces, tongue-scrapers. He laughs and laughs.

6. Do you believe newspapers are going to die? If so, when?

The medium is shifting but as a concept, be they digital or paper, I don’t think so. I can’t wait to have my paper on e-paper that glows at
night and gets refreshed constantly.

7. What was the last book you read?

Profession Profileuse by Carine Hutsebaut, a U.S.-trained Belgian criminal profiler who talks about introducing the FBI’s methods to resistant French and Belgian police.

8 .What’s the last book you say you read?

My friend’s.

9. If you got a unicorn what would you name it?


10. What does your TiVo think about you?

Don’t own a TiVo. I record TV shows on my computer, through a TV tuner linked to my satellite set top box. It’s cheap, it works for me.

11. Character of fiction you most resemble?

I’d love to be Fantomette, the teen journalist-turned crimefighter in a famous series of French children novels. I just learned from
Wikipedia that Fantomette is the first female superhero in French literature, so it must be true!

12. Who plays you in your biopic?

This would make for an uneventful movie! There’s a reason why some people become journalists.

13. Do you floss?

Only since I moved to the U.S. Before, I had no idea. Gross!

14. Did you ever believe your toys come alive when you leave the room?

Alas, I was already too realistic/pessimistic a French child.

15. How many old cell phones do you own?

Four, including the one I used in Cuba, as big as a baby’s head.

16. Best show legendary biz/movie star encounter.

My long-time hero John Waters at a CD signing at Amoeba. He once wrote some of the best lines about our city: “Los Angeles is everything a great American city should be: rich, hilarious, of questionable taste and throbbing with fake glamour.”

17. Do you get satellite radio?

Only through DirecTV. The Frank Sinatra station is very soothing, in these troubled times.

18. And as a follow do you “get” satellite radio?

Would love to have it in the car one day, especially while driving through “Christian radio country” up the 5 freeway, along the dreadful feed lots.

19. Do you read the Enquirer/InTouch/US/People?

No. I get my fix of people on Perez Hilton, with the extra white dots and inanities scrawled over the photos. They’re often funny.

20. Do you lie about it?

No, but now that you bring it up, I’m going to check Mike Walker’s column on the Enquirer website. This goes back to the New York Post and its galaxy of columnists, critics and villains of the day: I love media characters!