Facebook Announces Party & Developer Garage For SXSW

-SXSW Icon-Last year, Facebook had a large presence at the South by Southwest Interactive festival. First, Mark Zuckerberg and Sarah Lacy had a highly buzzed about interview. It may have been an overly hyped interview but it still attracted the attention of just about everyone in the blogosphere who was looking for a big event to write about for the yearly interactive festival. There was also a developer garage and Facebook party and this year, Facebook plans on doing the same thing.

Playing on the words of the API call which is most relevant to your social graph, the party is called “Friends.get”. Last year it turned into a full fledged dance off with Dave McClure taking the award for most dedicated dancer (in my own opinion). While the party is invite only just like last year, anybody is invited to attend the Facebook Developer Garage at SXSW.

To learn more about the activities taking place at SXSW you can visit the event’s website or check out the Facebook page. As we wrote about previously, the social network for the SXSW event has Facebook Connect integrated into it for determining which of your friends will also be present at the event. This year will surely be an exciting year as thousands of professionals descend on Austin Texas to discuss the future of the web, and to check out great film and music.

Are you going to be at SXSW? We’ll see you there!