How To Create Facebook Subscription Lists

Here's how to organize your subscriptions on Facebook, and curate different views of content in your news feed.

Facebook introduced subscriptions last month, and the social network followed suit with a way for users to create lists of users they are subscribed to (Sound like Twitter?).

The lists appear in the left-hand column of the homepage, as a subsection of favorites. Whenever you click on a list here, you can see news feed updates from just the people on that list.

Here’s how to create a custom list, based on advice and screenshots we’ve garnered from the Facebook + Journalists page and our own surfing of the site.

Click on “Lists” in the left-hand on the homepage. That takes you to a page showing lists you already have. Even if you think you don’t have any, you do: Facebook’s smart friend lists appear here.

At the top right-hand side of this page, click on the “Create a List” button. A small pop-up window appears prompting you to type in a name for your new list.

If you’re creating a list of people you subscribe to but aren’t friends with, you could call it “subscriptions.” You might want to create multiple lists to separate different types of people you’re subscribed to, such as journalists, technology executives and so on.

After you’ve typed in the name, click on the button labeled “Create List.”

After you have created the list, it will be blank with no one in it. Now’s the time to add contacts, whether they’re friends, people you subscribe to or both. Click on the “Manage List” button in the top right corner of the screen.

Select “Add/Remove Friends,” which calls up both friends and people you subscribe to but aren’t actually friends with.

To put people you’re subscribed to on a list, click the top left drop-down menu and select “Subscriptions.” This will show you people you’re subscribing to.

Click on each individual person to add them to the list. You can also add pages to the list by selecting “Pages” in the drop-down menu. This will enable you to add pages you have “liked” to the list.

When you’re done, select “Done” in the bottom right. You can always come back to the list and add/remove people and pages from it.

To view a stream of updates from a particular list, go to the home page and click on the name of the list in the left-hand column. Then you’ll see a version of the news feed containing updates only from the people on then list. You also have somewhat of an alternative to groups here: Anything you post while on this screen only goes out to the people on the list, assuming they’re subscribed to you.

To make a list appear higher up on the left-hand column of the homepage, click on the pencil icon to the left-hand side of the list name and select “Add to Favorites.”

Readers, how much of the content that shows up in your news feed comes from people you subscribe to who aren’t on your friend list?

Screenshots courtesy of the Facebook + Journalists page.