Facebook Releases New Tools to Make Getting Started with Connect Easier (Plus, New Stats)

Since Facebook Connect launched one year ago, it’s been implemented by thousands of websites and dozens of desktop, iPhone, and mobile apps. However, because Connect is actually a set of technologies that can be implemented in different parts and combinations, Facebook today has released new tools and guides to make it easier for developers to get started.


The first is a new tool called the Facebook Connect Wizard, which takes developers through a three step process to get the basic Connect plumbing setup on your website. After entering your site’s URL, you’re given an HTML file to upload to your server, and then you land in a “Social Markup” tutorial (what Facebook is calling XFBML), in what is called the Facebook Connect Playground.

The Facebook Connect Playground contains makes it easy for webmasters and developers to grab code snippets to implement building block elements of Facebook Connect on their sites. For example, the page makes it easy to grab code to implement a login button, profile pictures, names, and friends.


Finally, Facebook has updated the documentation on the main Connect site in order to make Connect’s three value propositions (more traffic, better engagement, higher registration rates) clearer, and to explain the difference between “simple” and “advanced” Facebook Connect implementations.

On the simple side, for example, Facebook says developers can expect the following results:

Share Button

  • 2-4% users share
  • 3-10 clicks/share

Fan Box Widget

  • 5-10% fans click through per post

Live Stream Widget

  • +15-20% time on site for users who engage
  • +5-15% traffic

Social Comments Widget

  • +15-20% comments
  • +15-20% registered users

Single Sign On

  • 15% increase in registrations

And here’s Facebook’s description of how developers should be thinking about making deeper Connect integrations: personalization, social context, and social experiences.