Facebook Launches New Polling Home Page Engagement Ad

Inside Facebook recently detailed the five types of Facebook home page “engagement” ads available to advertisers: event ads, video ads, virtual gift ads, page ads, and regular website ads. Today, Facebook is adding a sixth type of home page ad: polls.

Direct sales clients can use the new home page polling ad to reach large numbers of Facebook users. People who respond can see how others voted – and how each of their friends voted – in the poll.


For example, CareerBuilder.com is running a test with the polling ad unit around the Super Bowl, asking Facebook users who they think will win the biggest football game of the year as a lead up to their 60-second in game TV ad. CareerBuilder plans on running another poll after the Super Bowl asking Facebook users which part of the ad they liked best.

Originally launched as a separate advertising product a couple of years ago, Facebook recently removed polls from its standard list of self-serve advertising options and has instead decided to make it available to larger clients through its sales team.

A Facebook spokesperson said the company expects polling ads to become available to the general public within the next few months, but the exact date will depend on the results of these early tests.