Facebook Preferred?

A couple days ago, Mike Arrington posted about a potential preferred developers program. There had been rumors of this floating around for a while but at last night’s Facebook developers garage in Boulder, Dave Morin said that there is no preferred program coming out anytime soon. He said that the idea had been floated around but no action has been taken.

The concept of having preferred developers is an interesting concept. Theoretically though, the Facebook platform should be automatically rewarding “good” applications and punishing “bad” or spammy applications. The only problem with this model is that there needs to be some sort of human interaction to determine what are “good” applications. For instance how are buckets determined?

Supposedly it is based on an algorithm but the reality is that people have seen varied adjustments in their daily invite allotment and it’s not based on their own adjustments necessarily. So what does the future hold for a Facebook preferred developer? Well in addition to VIP access to the clubs in Silicon Valley, I would imagine that the VIP developer would get more invites for their applications similar to the level that the CBS Sports March Madness application previously received.

While there is no word of an impeding preferred program, I could see this happening in the future. What do you think would be an effective way for getting applications out in front of the noise? Do you think a VIP program makes sense?