Facebook Introduces Polls

Facebook Polls Screenshot

Oh the irony! Last night I was messing around with the Facebook API to learn more about it and decided that I would create a Facebook polls applicaiton. Lo and behold by the end of the night Facebook began offering their own polling service, but wait, it’s not free! Yes, Facebook is trying to charge users to offer polls. The cost? $5.00 to create and anywhere from $0.10 to $1.00 per response. The speed of responses varies based on how much you are willing to pay.

Ok so it’s pretty obvious who Facebook is targeting with their polls, market researchers, but why on earth would they pay when the results are not statistically significant? According to the terms, “Facebook will not verify the accuracy nor the statistical significance of response data.” That’s great! Additionally, Facebook does not seem to provide any demographic information. So currently they are offering users the ability to pay for polls that aren’t statistically significant and don’t provide any data pertaining to the users that voted. Great! I’m not quite sure who exactly is going to pay for this service. Oh and don’t mention myspace in your polls…cause it won’t work. Am I missing something here? Check out Facebook polls.