Pinterest Now Ranks 3rd, Trailing Twitter And Facebook

That didn't take long: Pinterest is now comfortably in third place in terms of traffic for social networks, trailing Facebook and Twitter.

That didn’t take long: Pinterest is now comfortably in third place in terms of traffic for social networks, trailing Facebook and Twitter.

Experian said Pinterest saw its traffic jump 50 percent in February compared with January, vaulting it past more entrenched social networks such as LinkedIn, Tumblr, and Google Plus.

Facebook not only held onto the top spot, but retained dominance in average minutes per month, clocking 405, compared with 89 for Pinterest, according to comScore.

Perhaps helping Pinterest’s leapfrogging over Google Plus to take the number three spot is connecting to Facebook. The search giant remains frozen out of that due to AdSense not yet complying with Facebook’s advertising rules, among other issues.

Pinterest seems to be gaining many users from virality on Facebook, where users see news feed stories about their friends activating accounts on the pinning site. But so far the demographics are still skewed on the number three site, according to our sibling blog Social Times, which said:

The image bookmarking site has grown exponentially since the site launched in March 2010. There were 21.5 million total visits to the site during the week ending January 28, 2012, which is nearly 30 times the number of total visits that Pinterest had received six months earlier. From January 2012 to February 2012, traffic went up 50 percent.

The crowd is 60 percent female (which is a different number than we’ve reported previously) and 55 percent of them are between the ages of 25 and 44. California and Texas provide the most traffic, but Pinterest has more visitors from the midwest, northwest, and southeast than sites like Facebook and YouTube.

Home decor, fashion, and food are all popular categories on the site, but “hobbies and crafts” in particular is the category to watch. Pinterest users outnumbered visitors to other hobbies and crafts sites in 19 states. The baby boom and boomerang generations were most likely to spend time in this category, with Pinterest capturing 10 percent of this audience.

Experian’s analysts say that social media communities are becoming less about friendships and more about common interests: a new facet of the overall movement toward social personalization.

Pinterest hits both targets with a Facebook integration as well as an open community where users can explore and share images with people outside their networks.

While Pinterest and Facebook work together as partners rather than rivals, the number one social network has duly noted the popularity of pinning, adding it to timeline pages. Right now, you can only pin one thing at a time to a page, and the capability doesn’t yet extend to profiles as a native feature.

However, a third-party application called Friendsheet transforms Facebook profiles into a Pinterest-like interface. We wonder whether the recent liking of this app by Facebook Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg signaled the beginnings of talks toward a possible acquisition of the startup.

So, have you used Friendsheet or set up a Pinterest profile linked to your Facebook account, readers?

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