3 Secrets To Success Of Facebook’s Most Engaging Page

The vendor responsible for Jesus Daily's page software offers us three lessons in engagement.

The Facebook page Jesus Daily generates an incredible amount of engagement, especially compared to pages with much higher fan counts.

Disclosure: Jesus Daily uses our Vitrue Social Relationship Management platform to manage the page. But aside from that, here are three things that brands can learn from Jesus Daily to create an equally engaging and successful social presence.

1. Both Content And Context Are King

Jesus Daily‘s social success is quite simple: Create engaging content that is valuable and relevant to fans so that they want or feel compelled to engage and share.

The page nails this successful recipe every day, and it’s a classic example of how social communities thrive within a certain niche. After all, social communities are about creating vibrant arenas where like-minded people can comment and share topics of importance.

It’s no surprise, really, that religious social communities thrive, especially when managed correctly, like in the case of Jesus Daily. People of faith are passionate and create vocal and dynamic communities.

2. Offer Variety

Jesus Daily has a great mix of engaging content delivered via text, images, photos and engaging apps like polls and quizzes. Of course we see content about specific faith issues, religious topics and news.

But we also see tremendous interaction coming from simple uplifting, positive and inspirational content both from Jesus Daily postings and its fan base. Many times it’s not religion-specific, but just inspirational and spiritual.

For example, an image post of baby animals, showcasing God’s amazing creations, generated more than 315,000 likes and 16,000 comments. That’s just one post!

An earlier image post of mother and baby animals garnered 219,000 likes and 7,000 comments. Another post asking the simple question”What Are You Thankful For Today?” generated almost 35,000 comments.

And videos and wall apps also generate tremendous likes, comments and shares. People clearly like to engage with and share positive, uplifting and inspirational content.

Again, Jesus Daily knows what its fans want and delivers it every day.

3. Keep It Fresh

Since June, there has been an increase in content related to the American political and economic situations and hardships. And, of course, with the recent 10-year anniversary of 9-11, we have seen a significant spike in 9-11 content.

It’s certainly quite normal for people to draw close to their faith and religion during times of crisis, conflict and tragedy.

Also there is a steady flow of regular content not related to specific events or issues, as for millions of people worldwide their faith is an essential part of their everyday lives. But significant events do trigger participation and the data shows that.

Bottom Line

Jesus Daily has created a social community where fans actively and regularly participate because they find content that they want to share, is of value and is engaging.

Smart brands know that creating a vibrant and active social community is understanding what your fans want and delivering it through engaging content that includes a variety of options including images, videos and interactive wall apps like quizzes, polls and other advanced social technologies.

Organizations are learning to balance their fan growth goals and content strategies, with an eye towards better, ongoing fan engagement through delivering real and relevant content fans want to interact with either. Jesus Daily is a prime example.

Guest writer Reggie Bradford is chief executive officer and founder of Vitrue Vitrue, which manages Jesus Daily’s page.