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Facebook Offers Rollout Begins, Delivers Local Deals Direct to Your News Feed (The Verge)
The system allows local businesses to use their Facebook pages to promote themselves direct to their customers, sending freebies and promotions straight to users’ news feeds. Gizmodo Following the huge success of services like Groupon and LivingSocial, it was only a matter of time before Facebook got into the business of deals. AllFacebook If anything, the greater novelty isn’t the rollout of offers, but rather the acquisition of Tagtile. Inside Facebook According to Tagtile’s website, its service “helps local businesses identify and engage their customers to increase revenue.”

Facebook Matches Email Addresses To User Names (AllFacebook)
Users who have already created Facebook email addresses will not be affected by the change, but those who haven’t will see the update rolled out to them over the next few weeks. Cnet Although the update is minor, it might go a long way in improving use of Facebook’s e-mail services. With a person’s username address and e-mail address matching up, it should make it simpler for users to determine what a person’s e-mail address is and send them a message. The Next Web If you haven’t already chosen an address, you can head over to facebook.com/username and set one up for yourself.

PSA: Pottermore is No Longer Colloportus, Open to Muggles and Magicians Alike (Engadget)
Pottermore has finally raised the portcullis to the rest of us muggles. You can sign up right now, after which you’ll be allocated to your respective Hogwarts house, but it might take a few more days before you’re fully initiated into the hallowed halls proper. Just don’t tell Voldemort.

Twitter Tried to Buy Instagram, But Facebook Pipped It to the Post (The Next Web)
According to sources that were familiar with the deal, Twitter co-founder and Instagram investor Jack Dorsey had attempted to secure the purchase of the photo-sharing service in the months before the Facebook deal, but ultimately failed. The New York Times His company, according to several people briefed on the matter, had expressed interest in buying Instagram in recent months. Mr. Dorsey once used Instagram daily to send photos to Twitter, but he has not been back since the deal was announced, perhaps a sign that he is not happy to see it in the hands of a competitor.

Pinterest Users: What’s the World’s Most Beautiful Country? [INFOGRAPHIC] (Mashable)
A crowdsourced project created by travel site First Choice — living in an interactive HTML5 infographic — is asking globally-minded Pinterest users which country is the world’s most beautiful. First Choice hopes the competition will awaken a desire for travel among users. When you explore the graphic, you can see the pins submitted for other countries and learn why others voted for them as most beautiful.

Facebook Explains Why It’s Supporting Congress’ CISPA Cybersecurity Bill (TechCrunch)
In a post on the official blog for Facebook’s Washington D.C. office, the company’s U.S. public policy vice president Joel Kaplan wrote that there are a number of bills being considered by Congress at the moment that would notify companies like Facebook when the US government knows there is a “critical threat” of a cyber attack. Facebook is supporting CISPA, he said, in part because it would not make Facebook share any more of its own data than is currently required. The Daily Dot The Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act, feared by some as a threat to online freedoms, has a social media marketing campaign. @HouseIntelComm, which started posting Wednesday, claims to be “the new Twitter account for the House Intelligence Committee.” Techdirt They haven’t been at it for very long, but they’ve already blessed the hashtags #CISPA and #cyber (they really love that word, don’t they?) with several disingenuous tweets full of misinformation and flat-out inaccuracies.

SoundCloud’s David NoËl: ‘Every Company Should Have a Community Manager’
In a recent interview, SoundCloud community evangelist David NoËl explained what a community manager does, how to give an online community a presence in the real world, and when to get the other departments involved in the process.

One to Watch: Tencent’s 100M-User-Strong Weixin Messaging App (AllThingsD)
Weixin is made by Chinese Internet giant Tencent, and it combines a bunch of different app functions from products you may be familiar with, like WhatsApp, Voxer and Skout. It offers individual and group chat with friends with text and voice, as well as flirting features to find people nearby and around the world.

Apple, Nintendo and Microsoft — Who’s Going to Provide Us with the Social Living Room? (SocialTimes)
As the rumors of an Apple-based television set begin to pick up credibility, there is the sense that consumers are in the midst of some sort of strategic maneuvering, with all targets set on our living rooms. The question is, who’s trying to take over our living room and what are they going to do with it?