Facebook Lauches Comments Plugin For Mobile

Facebook just upgraded its comments plugin for mobile devices.

Facebook just extended its comments plugin to include mobile devices.

This upgrade automatically becomes available to all websites that have the Facebook commenting plugin installed.

To explain the benefits of the enhancement, Facebook quoted Paul C. Grzella, general manager of Gannett companies MyCentralJersey.com, the Home News Tribune and Courier News:

By holding commenters accountable for their actions through Facebook, the hope is that this will help keep the conversation interesting and stimulating for the rest of us.

The social network’s post about the upgraded plugin also included a November quote from Christopher Wolf, an Internet and privacy attorney who leads the Internet Task Force of the Anti-Defamation League:

People who are able to post anonymously (or pseudonymously) are far more likely to say awful things, sometimes with awful consequences, such as the suicides of cyberbullied young people. The abuse extends to hate-filled and inflammatory comments appended to the online versions of newspaper articles – comments that hijack legitimate discussions of current events and discourage people from participating.

Readers, how likely are you to post a comment on something from your mobile device?