Facebook IPO Commentary Dominating Twitter Today

Bet you thought you’d escape all the Facebook IPO hoopla today by staying away from the platform and catching up on Twitter? Think again.

The tweets are flying about “the book” and they range from tech trading market savvy observations to bitter naysayers with hilarious quips. And you can probably guess which group we plan to focus on.

The fact that Twitter is buzzing with $FB news today is understandable though, isn’t it? It’s not every day that one gets to observe the masses jumping at the chance to invest in a wildly overvalued entity. It’s something for the history books, er, ebooks.

Don’t worry investors, we’re not really mocking you! We’re just getting you warmed up for the screenshots . . . from folks who are mocking you:

But to be fair, Facebook’s IPO is doing remarkably well and there are lots of folks singing its praises on Twitter too. That’s just not the focus of this post.

But we will share a link to a cool site we’ve told you about in the past, StockTwits, where you’ll see even more Facebook buzz at play. StockTwits streams consist of ideas, links, charts and other important financial data, summarized within 140 character messages.

Here’s a social heatmap from StockTwits showing that its investors have been talking primarily about Facebook today. And could so many investors be wrong? Let’s hope not.

Did you buy any Facebook shares today? Do you plan to?

(Stock market ticker image from Shutterstock)