Facebook Game Promotes Simplehuman Soap Launch

Hello Design created a Facebook game called Made For Each Other to promote the launch of a soap.


Buying soap is all fun and games? That’s the angle Simplehuman is going for with its new Made For Each Other Facebook game linked to the launch of a collection of four new soap-and-sensor-pumps.

To promote the soap-pump products, Hello Design created Made For Each Other a digital version of the classic card-matching game, memory.

Players are timed as they uncover pairs; those who find all the pairs the fastest are spotlighted on a leaderboard showing which products from Simplehuman they are eligible to win at that time.

If other players beat the score, however, they can be bounced from the board, which Hello Design Chief Executive Officer David Lai said he hopes “generates excitement and encourages users to play multiple times.”

The game is aimed at generating excitement around Simplehuman’s newest products. It reinforces the idea of the soaps and pumps as perfect pairs by comparing them to other more recognizable pairs – milk and cookies, pencils and erasers.

Lai said in an interview:

We wanted a quick way to get people to understand how Simplehuman’s soap and pumps work together. All the soaps have the optimal consistency to work hand-in-hand with the high-efficiency pumps and no-drip valves, ensuring no messy drips or clogs. I’d like the Facebook game to make people smile. It’s addictive – and we hope that the product makes a lasting impression as gamers play.

The game is now live and the contest will continue until November 21. Click here to play.

In dollars and cents, the excitement will only pay out to Simplehuman if it’s still lingering with the players when they see the products in stores or online.

What do you think, readers? Would an interactive game like the one described here increase the likelihood that you’d buy a soap called Simplehuman?