Facebook for Your Newly Bought iPhone 3G

Today is iPhone day. Don’t even bother searching for news about social networking, web 2.0 or online communications because there’s a slim chance that you’ll find any (alright, I’m exaggerating). So, riding on the hype of the release of Apple’s most sought after mobile TOY, we’re featuring – the Facebook app for the iPhone.

Available now for free download at the Apple Apps Store, Facebook’s native application for iPhone is bringing most of the rich features of the social networking site into the iPhone’s mobile browser. You can take photos using the iPhone and directly upload it into your Facebook profile. The application is also capitalizing on the fast web connectivity of the iPhone for fast access to your Friends, Photos and Inbox.

Aside from this, the Facebook app for the iPhone also features a Chat facility which lets you see which of your Facebook friends are online and you can chat with them for free.

Now, the good news is that the Facebook App for the iPhone also works with the original iPhone and iPod Touch aside from the new iPhone 3G.

And I’m downloading it now on my iPod Touch since I don’t have the iPhone yet!