Facebook Doesn't Like Ad-Blocking, Feed Cleaning Greasemonkey Scripts

Want to get rid of application spam from your news feed? The “Fluff Busting Purity” (originally called “Facebook Purity”) Greasemonkey script cleans all the applications from your feed. However Facebook is going after the developers behind the application, after a failed attempt to shut them down for trademark infringement. On the application’s Facebook Page, the developers have cleaned up their promotions as to not infringe on Facebook intellectual rights.

Now the page refers to the application as “Fluff Busting Purity” or “F*** B*** Purity”. Clearly the starts are an attempt to let the user use their imagination to determine that the application is referring to “Face Book”. Anyways, these types of greasemonkey scripts are not exactly a new thing. Back in 2007, we wrote about Facebook Greasemonkey hacks which provided basic functionality, however none of them appeared to have an impact on Facebook’s business model.

Adblock Plus is one Facebook revenue damaging Firefox application and there are Greasemonkey scripts which do the exact same thing. While we haven’t heard about the ad-blocking applications being pursued by Facebook, we do know that they are not fans of them. Ultimately anything that negatively impacts the company’s revenue or the user experience of the site is not supported by Facebook.

It makes sense from a business perspective, but some people have spun this as Facebook being an evil-doer for pursuing these app developers. If your business model revolves around negatively impacting Facebook’s business or changing the interface, you may want to come up with another idea.

Do you think Facebook should be blocking these types of apps? Do you already have some of them installed?

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