Facebook Co-Founder Dustin Moskovitz Raises $9 Million For New Startup

-Dustin Moskovitz Headshot-How does it sound to be able to start your job and immediately spend $10,000 on your desk setup? That’s what you get if you become an employee of Asana, Dustin Moskovitz’s new startup which announced $9 million in funding earlier today. The startup is not only run by a Facebook Co-Founder but it also has a jam packed advisory board and team of investors including numerous ex-Facebook employees and executives, as well as a number of Facebook board members.

While the company has yet to publicly release a product, it has already become one of the most hyped companies in Silicon Valley, next to Facebook and Twitter. Don’t expect the company to wind up with hundreds of employees anytime soon though. As described on the Asana website, the company is taking an alternative growth strategy: “assemble a relatively small, tightly knit collective of extraordinarily talented peers, while pursuing impact and revenue goals typically associated with large hierarchical enterprises.”

In other words they are looking for exceptional people so that they can charge fees typically associated with bulky “enterprise” solutions teams. Mimicking some of Facebook’s strategy, in terms of the impact per engineer/employee. At Facebook, they typically highlight the impressive engineer-to-user ration, as pictured below. At Asana, it appears that they’d also like to have a similar chart highlighting the impressive revenue per employee, and keep the team small.

-Facebook Engineer to User Ratio Screenshot-

While the company’s website is somewhat ambiguous about the type of software being built, Kim-Mai Cutler says that the company is trying to “re-imagine productivity management in a way that’s completely native to the web and overcomes many of the problems associated with other mediums like e-mail.” It definitely sounds interesting and with the all-start advisors and investors, there are great expectations of the company.