Facebook Careers Postings: Hyderabad PR, Collections, Mobile and Credits

We found some more interesting jobs being advertised by Facebook this week. If you recall, last week we wrote about Facebook’s search for a Washington, D.C. public policy manager and Questions community manager. This week, it looks like the company is starting to ramp up PR in its India office, pursue collections worldwide, further develop its mobile sites and work on the new payment platform.

Facebook advertised a Manager, Policy Communications position for its Hyderabad, India office. The job will entail working with Indian governments to articulate the company’s “mission to make the world more open and connected.” The Indian government has recently been focusing more attention on giving itself access to user data on third party services, including Research in Motion devices, Google and Skype. Facebook is no doubt looking to stay undisturbed.

A Partner Engineering, Mobile (SMS and Mobile Sites) position popped up recently. The positions notes an ideal candidate would work with marketing, product management and engineering to “drive our partner strategy and engaging directly with some of the world’s most influential mobile companies.”

Then there was the Credit and Collections Lead, a new position created to work with the corporate accounting department. This person will lead Facebook’s global customer sales credit approval, invoicing, accounts receivable, collections processes and reporting; ideally the company wants someone to “help drive the overall financial planning, communication and effectiveness of Facebook’s credit and collections team.”

On a related note, Facebook is moving to focus on its e-commerce platform. A position for a Software Engineer, Commerce Infrastructure in Palo Alto, Calif. is set to work on the company’s new platform payment system and virtual currency, Credits. The job description says Credits are “growing rapidly” and so lots of changes are coming up. Specifically the company wants the person in this position to make it easier for users to transact with platform developers and scale the backend payment processing and reporting systems.

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