Facebook Adds Email Importing To Page Invites

New page administrators and those with newly emerging pages now have two options for importing contacts.

Hey, new and budding page admins, are you tired of having to key in all your contacts to increase your fan base? Well, you can stop now.

There are two options for importing contacts, and both sound similar at first:

  1. Import your email contacts: List them all in a file, upload to Facebook, and they’ll receive suggestions of your page.
  2. Provide Facebook with your username and password for any email software or site that you use, and then everyone in the address book will see your page suggestion.

You can access the contact importer within the page manager tool. Click on the marketing tab, and then check out the part labeled “tell your fans.”

Like you see in the screen shot below, files for uploading need to be in Outlook, Constant Contact or .CSV. Notice how Facebook has a placeholder for the addition of more file formats, conveniently called “etc.” for now. However you choose to upload, you’ll see a progress bar until the job completes.

A few things about the web mail option:

  • Facebook swears it doesn’t store your password after finishing the import of your contacts.
  • If at first you don’t see support for your particular email application or website, try again in the future. As of this posting, Hotmail and Yahoo are supported.
  • We are getting mixed signals about Gmail contacts. Facebook says you can import those contacts, but then whenever we attempt to do so we get funky messages. You’re better off saving Gmail contacts in a file and then uploading them.

Whichever option you choose for importing your contacts, you’ll see a list of contacts who are not yet associated with whatever you call your page. All of them are selected unless you uncheck, and the language of the invites is the same as the one you view your page in unless you modify it.

Before any invites go out, you get to preview them. Your contacts already on Facebook see your page as a suggestion. Those who don’t have accounts on Facebook. (Hard to believe there are still people who don’t, right?) receive an email asking them to sign up for an account to connect with your page. As soon as they fill in all the blanks, the next screen they see is your page.

If for some reason you don’t sent invites to all of the contacts you imported,Facebook will politely suggest the friend finder to you whenever you visit the home page. It’s nice to have this reminder. And if anything confuses you, check out Facebook’s help section dealing with contact finding on the site.

So, readers, what do you think of contact importing on Facebook, either for pages or profiles? Where do you see room for improvement?

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