Exclusive: Mountain Dew ‘Likes’ Facebook

Mountain Dew on Friday (Oct. 15) will roll out a breakthrough ad campaign featuring banner ads that will incorporate Facebook’s “like” icon, marking the first time the social-networking behemoth will extend its social/sharing functionality to ads appearing on other Web sites.

Web users will be able to “like” Mountain Dew within a banner ad appearing on a host of sites, such as The Onion, Crave, MTV, College Humor, Funny or Die and Break.com. And when users do so, their friends will automatically be alerted via Facebook News Feed as long as they are logged into Facebook at the time.

In addition, as users interact with the ad, they will be able to see which of their Facebook friends have already elected to “like” Mountain Dew.

The socialized Mountain Dew ads will not appear on Facebook; in fact, Facebook was not involved in the ad sales process for this effort. Instead, Mountain Dew’s digital agencies OMD and Tribal purchased banner inventory on multiple sites across the Web, and Facebook supplied the tools and technology to insert the “like” icon within the ads. The agencies also worked with the digital ad firm MediaMind to execute this campaign.

According to sources, the data generated from this effort will be available to Facebook alone, and not Mountain Dew, its agencies or the participating publishers.

While Mountain Dew is the first advertiser to test this new tactic, others advertisers like JC Penney are looking into it. Per sources, Facebook is not initially charging these advertisers to participate in the test, but the plan is for Facebook to begin selling this news ad-socialization product to multiple advertisers in the near future.