Emojis Among Us – The Documentary

Emojis are evolving into their own language and are gaining just as much popularity as selfies. Isn’t it time they got their own documentary? This one is not even two-minutes short, but it captures the future growth of emojis, their potential assimilation into our lives, and their vague, graphical symbolism.

It’s likely that the reign of emojis are just beginning as they evolve from character-based emoticons into graphic emojis. For Japanese mobile app company, Line, emoji stickers have been extremely lucrative. The company sells $10 Million in emojis each month. Then, Yelp followed suit with emoji-based searches, even though no one knew how to use emojis to find the nearest pizza joint. It’s still quite radical to think about and perform.

Emojis are even used in music videos – and not just because they are cheap.

Oneohtrix Point Never – Boring Angel from Warp Records on Vimeo.

If you needed more proof of their importance to modern, digital language, check out this informative read from Time, highlighting the nuances of emoji grammar, as studied by a Stanford researcher for his doctoral thesis.