Emerging Top-Grossing iOS Apps: Top Paid Apps Fill the Top Grossing List

There has certainly been a lull, as of late, when it comes to new mobile titles breaching the top grossing iOS lists. While long time titles stir slightly due to new updates — Smurfs’ Village hit #8 due to new movie theater items that promote the upcoming Smurfs movie — most of the top list, all the way up to #50, have been seen before.

Between the two iOS devices, the iPhone continues to add fewer new titles to the top charts compared to the iPad, at least in terms of the higher rankings. For the former, it took all the top 50 to find five new and interesting apps for the list, while iPad was full by the top 30. Nevertheless, of these new top grossing apps, many should be familiar as they also did well on yesterday’s top paid apps list, rising up the charts due to being new and high quality or being older, but hosting significant content updates.

New Titles Within Top Grossing iPhone Apps List

Infinity BladeInfinity Blade — It topped yesterday’s top paid iPad apps list and hit #5 on the iPhone, so it isn’t terribly surprising to see ChAIR Entertainment’s fantasy action-adventure title, Infinity Blade, hit #2 on both the iPhone and iPad platforms. Built with the Unreal Engine, this graphically superior title puts players into a realm where they must defeat a tyrannical “God King.” However, its rise isn’t due to this, as the game is quite dated, but due to a May 19th update adding in the third content pack for the game, Infinity Blade: Arena, with multiplayer features. It also helps that the game, on both platforms, is marked down 50% at the price of $2.99. ChAIR is a games developer who has been around for about six years but was acquired by core games developer, Epic Games, back in 2008.

High Noon — The #10 top grossing iPhone game this week is another older one by the name of High Noon. Free to play, the game puts players into a player versus player environment as they utilize their iPhone as an actual gun, using accelerometer controls, to duel other users and attempt to become the top outlaw of the wild west. Its creator is Beijing-based mobile and social games developer Happylatte. Still a relatively young and smaller company in and of itself, Happylatte is a division of Chinese software developer, Exoweb. Last updated May 10th, the game monetizes via the in-app purchases of virtual currency.

We Rule DeluxeWe Rule Deluxe — We Rule is a dated ngmoco game going under the guise of We Rule Deluxe and it comes in at #27 for iPhone and #20 for iPad. The title is a mobile-social app that tasks users with the creation and management of their own medieval kingdom, and like most social games, it is free and monetizes through the purchase of virtual items and currency. Its recent rise is due to a May 19th update that has included new “Goals” for veteran players to accomplish as well as a new feature that lets players visit other users’ kingdoms that are not on one’s friends list. Ngmoco is a social and mobile games developer who was acquired by Japanese social games publisher, DeNA, last year. Putting its new games development on hold to concentrate on integrating its Plus+ platform with that of DeNA’s Mobage platform, the company is still very active, having recently acquired game development partner, Rough Cookie, for itself.

Garmin StreetPilot — The next highlighted grossing app for iPhone this week is Garmin StreetPilot at #38. Costing $34.99, this GPS navigator application has been in the top 50 before, but was often overshadowed by higher-ranking titles. The app turns one’s iPhone into virtually the same thing as a dedicated navigation device, working on 3G and EDGE networks and giving drivers turn-by-turn, voiced directions. The app is created by Garmin Ltd a massive corporation focused on the development of better navigation and communication devices spanning everything from cars to wireless applications.

Pocket God — Moving all the way down to the #46 spot comes yet another older game getting a new content update. #16 on yesterday’s top paid iPhone apps list, Pocket God allows players to become a god amongst Pygmies and keep them in line by killing them in creative fashions. The new, May 18th, update has included Episode 39: Challenge of the Gods!, which tasks players with going back through the past 39 episodes in search of all the “godly” features that developer Bolt Creative added. Based out of San Francisco, the company also has a Facebook version of Pocket God, which was created alongside Canadian developer, Frima Studio. The iPhone Pocket God costs $0.99 but also earns extra revenue via in-app purchases for virtual items that also cost $0.99.

New Titles Within Top Grossing iPad Apps List

Casey's ContraptionsCasey’s Contraptions — New iPad release, Casey’s Contraptions — which we profiled yesterday as well as hit #2 on the top paid iPad charts — is making another appearance this week, showing up at #12 for the top grossing list. Released May 19th, the game is a physics-puzzle game in which players utilize various childlike toys and objects in order to create Rube Goldberg’esque contraptions to solve simple problems. The title is created by indie iOS startup Snappy Touch, which was founded by independent game developer Noel Llopis back in 2008. Casey’s Contraptions currently costs $2.99.

SketchBook Pro for iPad — California-based computer software developer Autodesk (creator of 3D art programs such as Maya) makes its second appearance this week with the same app, SketchBook Pro for iPad. At $4.99 the title is basically a mobile version of Autodesk’s desktop software (used for digital painting and drawing) of the same name, turning the iPad into a virtual sketchbook of high quality. Interestingly enough, the application has risen to #21 despite not having any significant updates. Its last update was May 13th and only held bug fixes.

Ticket to Ride — New game (released May 18th) Ticket to Ride held yesterday’s #18 spot on the top paid iPad apps list, and now it holds the #22 spot for top grossing apps as well. Its creator is Days of Wonder, a company based out of both Los Altos, California and Paris, that has been focusing on family-friendly board games since 2002. Ticket to Ride is an iPad variant of such board games with the goal being for players to match train cards and claim railway routes between cities in North America in order to score points. The player with the most points wins. Currently, the game costs $6.99, but also sells expansion content for $0.99 in-app.

Wired MagazineWIRED Magazine — New York-based magazine publisher, Condé Nast is continuing to make appearances with its digital versions of its various publications with this week’s being WIRED Magazine from its digital arm Condé Nast Digital. The magazine that focuses on the changing technology and ideas of the world, this digital version, though older, has risen to #28 this week. Its rise on the top grossing charts, however, has been due to a change that Condé Nast has been making to all of its iPad magazine apps, which is to not only allow users to purchase individual issues within the free-to-download app but to also allow them to subscribe monthly for $1.99 or annually for $19.99.

Flux Family Secrets – The Ripple Effect HD — It’s not surprising to see yet another new title from mobile and casual games developer, Seattle-based Big Fish Games. Filling the #29 spot this week, is the developer’s latest adventure-puzzle game, Flux Family Secrets – The Ripple Effect HD. A hidden object-style adventure game, players must uncover the mysteries of their past as they seek to take their proper place within the Flux family. Like most of Big Fish Games’ adventure titles, the application is free to download but must be unlocked, in full, after the player has progressed so far. Also like past titles, the new release (May 19th) starts off on sale and prices itself at $6.99 for the in-app unlock.