Emerging Top Free Apps on iOS: Kiloo’s Frisbee Forever, Nioven’s Top 100 Music

While new applications have been rare on the other top iOS charts this week, the top free apps list for iPhone and iPad is alive and well with plenty of brand-new titles. Interestingly enough, most of the iPhone applications this week are very new, while the iPad tended to have many older, re-emerging apps.

New Titles Within Top iPhone Free Apps List

Top 100Top 100 Music – FREE — Music once again proves popular this week as Top 100 Music – FREE comes in at #2. Released May 2nd, the application displays the top music charts from over 20 countries including singles, albums, and music videos. Additionally, the title allows users to listen to music from their iPhone. Its developer is Nioven, a company that has a dozen total iPhone titles. The company does have a paid version of this application.

Frisbee Forever — Frisbee Forever is a new game (released May 5th) from Kiloo in which players steer a Frisbee through environments ranging from arks to western canyons. The app is monetized through in-app purchases of virtual currency as well as the ability to remove advertisements. As for Kiloo, the company (founded in 2000) is a two-part company — Kiloo Games and Kiloo Apps — based out of Denmark that develops games and apps that support all major mobile platforms. Currently, the app is #3 on the top free iPhone apps charts and #1 for iPad.

Magic PianoMagic Piano — This app hit #15 on yesterday’s top grossing iPhone apps list, and now Magic Piano is #4 for the top free list. The Smule-made title was one of the first iPad apps to be released and turns an iDevice into a virtual piano, then allows users to share withplayers from around the world. In order to monetize, the game hosts in-app purchases for extra content. Regarding Smule, the a California-based iOS developer whose music-oriented apps have earned them financial backing from several groups such as Bessemer Venture Partners, Granite Ventures, Shasta Ventures, and Floodgate. The app was last updated May 9th.

Doodle Fill — In at #5 is another new app, Doodle Fill, which was released April 29th. Best described as a “puzzle coloring game,” players must fill in shapes using four colors and not let any of them touch. Made by an enigmatic developer by the name of Anansi Studios, whose only other title of notice is and iPad version and Flight Tycoon (which is not available in the United States), the game monetizes via in-app purchases for things such as levels and the removal of ads.

Icon Skins Free — Customization also makes a reappearance on the top free iPhone apps lists in the form of Icon Skins Free at #6. Developed by AppCore, the title does what the name suggests, allowing users to customize their iPhone’s display with free icon skins, shelves, themes and backgrounds. As for AppCore themselves, they develop a vast array of iPhone and Android applications ranging from games to lifestyle apps to general randomness.

New Titles Within Top iPad Free Apps List

TennisHit Tennis 2 — Hit Tennis 2 is an older iPad game that has reappeared this week at #2. A tennis game that lets users play, in the first person, using finger swipes to swing the racket, its most recent update (May 3rd) has given rise to the game due to a new tournament mode, new player packs of characters to play against, and Game Center leaderboards. Developed by San Francisco-based Focused Apps, a small company best known for their social networking app, Focus for Facebook. Since Hit Tennis 2 is free-to-play, it monetizes through in-app purchases of player packs and virtual items.

Crazy Basketball HD — Interestingly enough, a game from last week’s top free iPhone apps list appears again this week, only on iPad. Crazy Basketball HD is an older physics-oriented basketball type of game where users attempt to shoot bizarre shots. The game is also peppered with other sports-centric mini-games such as knocking down pins and hitting targets. Its last update was April 30th which included an in-app store; leading to its monetization method of purchasing new features (at $0.99) in game. The application is developed by Yogamen, a small, eight-man outfit with just under a dozen iOS titles under its belt.

Bank of America for iPad — At #8 is a rather old application, Bank of America for iPad. As one would expect, the app is allows customers of Bank of America that are enrolled in its online banking program to do so from their iPad device. Its last update released on May 9th, had no specific or unique updates other than fixes for the apps sign-in prompt, making its sudden rise somewhat mysterious. The app is naturally developed by Bank of America.

Secret MissionSecret Mission – The Forgotten Island HD — The #9 spot holds this week’s first truly new iPad title, the game, Secret Mission – The Forgotten Island HD from the larger casual and mobile games developer, Big Fish Games. Another puzzle-based adventure game, Secret Mission focuses on the exploration of a mysterious island that has suddenly appeared within the Bermuda Triangle. Free to download, the game monetizes through an in-app full game unlock for $4.99. As with the other Big Fish Games apps earlier this week, this game (released May 5th) is 50 percent off. It further monetizes itself with a $0.99 in-app strategy guide purchase.

Heartwild Solitaire for iPad — Last on the list today, is another new game (released May 5th), Heartwild Solitaire for iPad. A colorful and stylized game of solitaire, the app comes with a bit of a story mode as users follow the story of a heartbroken woman that loses herself in the card game. Free to download, the game is unlocked, in full, for $0.99 and is currently 80 percent off. Other levels can also be purchased in-app. Its developer is Bothell, Washington-based Sandlot Games, a family-friendly, casual games developer and publisher hosting games on mobile, PC, and consoles that has been around since 2002.