Emerging Paid iOS Apps: Memorial Day Sales & Grilling Rise Over the Weekend

As we noted Friday, Electronic Arts hosted another holiday sale, reducing the prices of its apps to the $0.99 mark for the Memorial Day weekend. As with the last time EA did this, older titles have reappeared within both the iPhone and iPad top paid charts, but not as much in the former as the latter. In fact, many more new apps appeared this week, for iPhone, as compared to those prior.

Due to so many truly new iPhone apps appearing, older EA titles were skipped over this week, but games such as NBA Jam, The Sims 3, and Tetris all rose to the top ten list.  As for the iPad, its to charts were farm ore saturated with older EA titles. Moreover, four out of the top new (or yet to be profiled) apps on the iPad were within the top five.

New Titles Within Top iPhone Paid Apps List

The HeistThe Heist — The Heist is a new game (released May 24th) from tap tap tap, and has actually be at #1 for the past few days. At $0.99, the game is a compilation of puzzles that involve a player trying to, well, rob a bank. From slide puzzles, to push puzzles, to matching, there is a challenge for virtually every type of puzzle player. As for tap tap tap themselves, this American iOS developer is best known for its long running title Camera+ which had recently breached the 2 million download mark and has earned over $1.9 million in revenue through both paid downloads and in-app purchases.

Line Surfer — A game credited to Robert Szeleney of Djinnworks is in the top charts again by the name of Line Surfer. Released May 17th, the game (which is currently 50% off at $0.99) is currently holding the #9 spot on the top paid iPhone app charts. Like the other “stick”-based games from this Austrian developer, the game tasks users with the performing of off-the-wall stunts. Here, stunts are performed using the iPhone’s accelerometer as users ride dynamically changing waves.

Kung Fu Panda 2Kung Fu Panda 2: Be The Master 21 — Kung Fu Panda 2: Be The Master is a relatively new release and was last updated May 25th. Created by California-based international core games developer THQ, the app is a compilation of kung fu “training” mini-games themed around the Kung Fu Panda movies. Its rise, however, is greatly powered by the weekend release of Dreamworks’ second film of the franchise, Kung Fu Panda 2. Currently, the game is ranked at #21 and costs $0.99.

WordFoto — In at #23 is the $1.99 application of WordFoto. Released May 19th, the app takes photos and algorithmically turns them into images made up of typographic art. It is created by Swedish developer bitCycle AB, a roughly six-year-old company that focuses on art and entertainment tools centric to self-expression and creativity.

Touchgrind BMX — Rounding out the top paid iPhone apps list is Touchgrind BMX. Another new app — having been released May 26th — players use their fingers to ride a BMX bike through various courses, performing stunts and tricks along the way. The developer behind the application is Illusion Labs,  a 2007-founded Android and iOS developer out of Malmö, Sweden who is known best for games like the original Touchgrind. At $4.99, Touchgrind BMX is currently ranked at #33.

New Titles Within Top iPad Paid Apps List

TetrisTetris for iPad — U.S. core games developer, Electronic Arts, has topped the iPad charts this week with one of its oldest titles (last updated February 23rd), Tetris for iPad. The rise is due to the previously noted Memorial Day sale which has reduced the price of this classic among classic puzzle games to $0.99. However, the style and simplicity of Tetris in general is what makes this game #1 amongst all the other EA sales this week. Additionally, the game is #8 on iPhone.

Plants vs. Zombies HD — Seattle-based and veteran casual and mobile games developer PopCap Games has had a sudden surge in popularity for its tower defense variant, Plants vs. Zombies HD. Last updated April 21st, the $6.99 title has risen all the way to #2 over the weekend (though it does usually mill around the 10 to 20 ranks regularly). PopCap is currently hosting “Crazy Dave’s Deal Days,” (Crazy Dave is a character from Plants vs. Zombies) which is slashing the price of new games up to 75% every 48 hours. The sale for Plants vs. Zombies HD ended the 28th.

SimCity Deluxe for iPad — Electronic Arts comes back into the picture at #3 with an 85% markdown on SimCity Deluxe for iPad. An iOS version of the original city planning game, players construct and manage a city of their own design for only $0.99. In addition to the price cut, the game was also recently updated May 10th with general improvements as well as multitasking support, and expanded language support for simplified Korean and Chinese.

Yahtzee HDYahtzee HD — The #4 app this week is yet another title from Electronic Arts. However, despite all of the more sophisticated games from the core games developer, this position is held by the simplier Yahtzee HD, the iOS version of the tabletop game from Hasbro (more specifically, the now Hasbro-owned Milton Bradley). Hosting iOS-exclusive features such as Facebook Connect, the game allows friends to challenge each other across the social network. Currently on sale for $0.99, the game was also last updated May 2nd with general game performance improvements.

Weber’s On the Grill — It has nothing to do with a Memorial Day sale, but does fit in well with the holiday. Weber’s On the Grill ($4.99) holds the #12 spot this week and considering all the barbecues happening today, its rise is self-explanatory. The application is a collection of 250 Weber grilling recipes, as well as 40 for rubs, marinades, and sauces. The app also features sharing, grocery list creation, and tagging. It is made by Weber-Stephen Products Co., an international maker of various grills and grilling accessories based out of Illinois. Weber’s On the Grill was last updated May 20th with new recipes.