Ellies ’08: Snapshots and Snippets

Smartest guy in the room or no, Wired EIC Chris Anderson‘s marshmallow issues have Julia Allison dismayed

Between our hand-numbing live blog and other Ellie-related reports, by now you know the basics — National Geographic and Vanity Fair the biggest winners, New York‘s non-sweep — from last night’s National Magazine Awards. So here’s an overview of the night, with more choice pics and gossipy bits to come throughout the day. Impressionistic shots and thoughts after the jump…

aerial reception.jpg
Just one of the rooms jam-packed with magazine peeps

Editor Joel Reese showed off his clock cufflinks at the reception. Knowing we were in for a 2-hour-plus ceremony, we steered clear after that.

Writer Tom Kennedy got an Ellie for his New Letters essay “I Am Joe’s Prostate,” and he ain’t letting go. Related: He bad-assedly rocked that leopard fez at Ellie events all week.

Ellie winners, en masse

ASME thinks of everything — Ellies even have a convenient handle

Ever the environmentalist, FBNY’s own Noah Davis found himself drawn to the floral arrangements.