eBooks Account For Less Than 3% Of Sales From University Presses

eBooks are not making a big dent in the higher education market. According to a new survey by the Association of American University Presses, eBook sales or licenses account for less than 3 percent of total revenue for the majority of university presses.

The report also found that university presses are not prepared for the digital book revolution, as 60 percent of respondents expressed “serious concern” about the viability of their current business models.

Still, some university presses are adopting eBook strategies. Inside Higher Ed has more: “But there is anecdotal evidence from some presses that e-book sales have jumped in the months since the association collected its data. Several presses contacted by Inside Higher Ed reported that their e-book sales have risen significantly in the first part of 2011. While e-books still account for a small proportion of total sales even in these cases, the presses see the uptick as an encouraging sign that there is a market for electronic versions of ‘serious nonfiction’ works after all — and that market might finally be stirring.”