Earn Extra Bucks by Using Social Networking Review Site, Ximmy

ximmy_logo.jpgThe web must have been deluded with social media sites that for a startup to gain momentum upon its birth are to come up with a good launch promo. That’s probably what Ximmy.com owners have in mind when they launched social networking review site, Ximmy.

Ximmy.com is your usual social bookmarking site, where you can submit links to web contents that you find on the web. If you are familiar with Digg (who isn’t?), Newsvine, Del.icio.us and the likes, that’s exactly what Ximmy.com, is all about.What sets Ximmy.com from the other social bookmarking sites is its rewards program where it pays members for submitting site links to Ximmy.com. Ok, the payment scale may not earn you big time money, but if you are a social bookmarking addict, you may actually earn a good sum of money enough to cover your internet connection bill.

So, how does Ximmy.com pay you if you become a member? Every time you submit a story, you earn one points. You can earn 15 points outright if you submit published news. Once your points reached 1,000 Ximmy will pay you $10. So the more stories and news items you published the more points you earn and the more you earn. Things get better when other members vote for your submission and it gets featured on the main page.

Aside from earning money through story submissions, you can also earn extra dough by promoting Ximmy on your blog or website. You can earn $.50 for every signups that you refer to Ximmy.

What do you think? Would this reward/incentive be enough to make you forget about Digg and move over to Ximmy?

Well, there’s always no harm in trying.