EA announces Dungeon Keeper reboot for iOS, Android

dk-1650Image via EA

Electronic Arts and Mythic have today announced Dungeon Keeper for mobile, bringing the classic strategy franchise to life for a modern audience. The game is a reboot, rather than a remake, of the original Dungeon Keeper, released by Bullfrog on PC in 1997.

The game gives players the chance to take over and design their own lairs and dungeons, placing traps, tunnels and more along the way. Players will collect treasures and command their minions in battle as they continue to explore the underworld.

Lairs will contain rooms for summoning, training and researching, as examples, so players will have more than one area to keep an eye on at once.

Dungeon Keeper will feature both PvE and player-vs-player combat, as users can invade other players’ dungeons and unleash the powers of the “Hand of Evil.” The game is scheduled for release on iPhone, iPad and Android this winter, though an official release date wasn’t revealed. EA has confirmed to Inside Mobile Apps that Dungeon Keeper will be free-to-play with in-app purchases available within the game.

EA has had an eventful summer. Its Plants vs Zombies 2 broke company records as the most successful mobile launch in EA history, being downloaded over 16 million times in the first week. Elsewhere, EA has released a new mobile installment in the classic Ultima franchise, and has announced a new free-to-play experience in the Dragon Age universe.