Dorothee Kocks Uses eBook Sales To Help New Zealand Earthquake Victims

Wanting to help people in New Zealand, author Dorothee Kocks and her publisher New Zealand Rosa Mira Books is donating all proceeds from eBook sales of Kocks’ novel The Glass Harmonica to the citizens of Christchurch.

Rose Mira Books e-mailed eBookNewser with the details, describing her reason for doing so. From the publisher: “I grew in Christchurch and was in the area during the quake. Rebuilding the infrastructure and re-establishing normal life in the city will be a long, slow process. In the meantime, many are short of basic household and food supplies.”

All proceeds from eBook sales for the book between now and March 7th will be donated to the Christchurch’s Mayoral fund, which was set up for donations to the citizens of Christchurch in need last week’s earthquake. Follow this link to buy the eBook.