Don’t Worry! Congress Has Arrived!

You know that everything is looking up for GannonGate now that Congress is getting involved. Louise Slaughter and Charles Rangel on the House side, and Richard Durbin and Harry Reid (?) on the Senate are all calling for investigations.

Jeff/Jim, for his part, continues his media blackout with an interview on the Today Show this morning. NBC’s Campbell Brown tossed him some patented Today Show softballs, and he returned them beautifully:

Campbell Brown: Were you in that press conference as a plant by the White House?

Gannon: Absolutely not. I mean, look at it, Campbell. If the White House was going to use a plant, wouldn’t they pick a better one than me?

You have to admit that there’s something infallible about that logic, isn’t there? Let’s see, among all of the possible fake journalists that Karl Rove could plant in the White House, why doesn’t he choose one with no background in journalism or reporting, a sketchy past still splashed across the internet? Yes, that seems like just the type of brillant decision that has made Rove famous.

(Meanwhile, just to prove the legs this story has, it appears Adam Nagourney is back from vacation, and interested in the Gannon story too.)