Don’t Be Afraid Of Unemployment, Buy, Buy, Buy!

suit.jpgOne of the most difficult parts of a recession is that the paradox that in order to make more money you have to spend more money This goes for individuals and companies alike. Of course it’s harder for the individual, who is fearful of losing their job, to spend on luxury items.

Well now you don’t have to fear. New York Times’ Freakonomics reports that Jos. A. Bank menswear chain is running a “Risk Free Suit” promotion. Buy any suit now and if you are laid off before July 1, 2009, Bank will refund all of your money. Better still, you can keep the suit. The maximum rebate is $199, so that may not be a lot for those of you who like to buy those high end suits, but seeing as Bank is having a sale, where most of their suits are currently $199, you may just be in luck.

How’s that for helping the economy?