Does The Web Need Another Pop Culture Site? MSN Hopes So

Hunter Walker
WebNewser Contributor

blaggblogg2.jpgFormer blogger Alex Blagg will be editing the new pop culture site for MSN and the production company BermanBraun. Plans for the site were first announced in June when AllThingsD revealed that MSN and BermanBraun would be teaming up to create a site “aimed at aggregating celebrity, entertainment and pop culture news.”

Blagg wouldn’t discuss the site with us, but on his Tumblr it says he’s in LA “creating a new site for MSN.” An MSN spokesperson told us that they’re “co-creating a new entertainment content site with Berman Braun” and that “Alex Blagg will be acting as the site’s editor and playing an integral role in the creative process.” Beyond that, the site remains a mystery. MSN would only say that “other specifics of the deal, including site name and launch date have not been released, but with the launch in the near future, we will be supplying more information in the coming weeks.” Whenever it launches and whatever it’s called, the site is primed to be a success.

The celebrity gossip and pop culture field may be crowded, but few of the sites covering Hollywood are smart or funny. Blagg is well-known for providing readers with a humorous take on celebrities, nightlife, and entertainment. He’s also a fixture on the blogging scene, so we wouldn’t be surprised if he gets some familiar faces to join his staff.

BermanBraun is a partnership between former Paramount Pictures President Gail Berman and ex-ABC chairman Lloyd Braun that launched in early 2007. The company creates original television programming as well as multimedia content. Blagg’s new pop culture site is one of BermanBraun’s first forays into the blogosphere along with a smaller site for Yahoo called Lunacy Report that will reportedly feature “weird news” videos hosted by former Daily Show correspondent Vance Degeneres.

Last summer, BermanBraun signed a deal with Pepsi giving the soft drink giant first dibs at producing and sponsoring their online content so these new sites shouldn’t have any trouble selling ad space.