DIY Spirit Alive at the ‘Bistro

While we’re not necessarily proponents of the “mogulette” moniker attached to our boss/ founder Laurel Touby by her interviewer, we did relish the description of a highly familiar down’n’dirty approach in her conversation with xynoMedia Technology founder and CEO Lena West on her “Entrepreneur” blog. Specifically, in LT’s own words:

“Don’t necessarily outsource to some giant company that’s going to promise you everything. Just take little baby steps with a freelance programmer, a freelance developer, and tell them very specifically what you think you want, and let them help you develop that together. Don’t be afraid, don’t think it’s so big and complicated — it’s not. You’ve got to know what your database looks like. You’ve gotta be able to look into that thing and see that data and know what that means. It’s really fascinating. Early on, when I first got funding back in 2000, I would meet with these consultants and they would say, ‘Here, give us $300,000 of your funding, and we’ll build everything for you — you can just sit back and relax.’ And I would say, ‘What exactly will that do for my customer? How’s it going to help my customer?’ And they never had an answer for that question. So I never hired anyone like that, and thank G-d I didn’t. Years later, those guys were out of business, and all that programming they’d have done would have been gone. I might not have been able to have it on my Web site, which might have come down. So, I was basically able to stay alive by getting my hands dirty.”