Delvv Launches Personal News Feed App on Android

Delvv has today announced the launch of its free Android app, which aims to be a user’s “personal news feed,” offering them a look at the information they actually care about, which may otherwise be hidden among hundreds of Tweets, Facebook posts, local event listings, news sites and other sources.

When starting Delvv, users can subscribe to a list of overall keywords, based on the topics they find most interesting. The list contains topics like religion, politics, technology, gaming, books, dining and more. As users engage with Delvv, the app will suggest new topics for them, based on the topics they’ve been searching for, and the sites they’ve been browsing. Trending topics are also available.

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As users view suggested news articles, the bottoms of the these pages populate with related stories, allowing users to really “delve” into a topic of interest. Since the app starts with a general list of news topics, and becomes more personalized over time, users can help the app along by flagging posts as “Don’t quite like it” to remove them from their feed, or “Show me more like this” to express their interest.

Outside of app-aggregated news feeds, Delvv users can also browse content by searching for it directly. Searching for a phrase or topic brings up a variety of web articles, Android apps that redirect users to the Google Play store for download, and event listings that match that topic.

When browsing these web searches, users can favorite content to view it later within Delvv, or share articles to a variety of sources, including email, Twitter or Facebook, among others. Favorited articles can be organized even further, by placing them within collections within the app.

“Delvv is bringing the power of predictive search and personalization to the content discovery process, and focusing on what our users actually enjoy rather than what other people want to share with them,” said Raefer Gabriel, CEO of Delvv. “The Delvv app uses InterestScore, our advanced machine learning and personalization algorithm, to truly understand what a user likes, so we can make sure we present only the most interesting recommendations.”

Delvv is available to download for free on Google Play, and is coming soon to iOS. The app joins similar apps on iOS and Android, including Material and Vu.

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