D9: Disney’s Iger Says More Original IP Titles Coming From Playdom

Although Disney is still taking accounting charges for its $763.2 million acquisition of Playdom last year, the social game developer is doing well, Disney chief executive Bob Iger said today at the All Things D’s D9 conference in Rancho Palos Verdes, Calif.

“We took a five month break [from launching games]. We had technical infrastructure issues that we needed to fix, but now that’s improved,” he told D’s Kara Swisher during an on-stage interview.

Going forward, Playdom will be introducing new games with original intellectual property, he said, not just with existing Disney IP. He highlighted the recent success of Gardens of Time, an original-IP hidden object game that Playdom launched in early April.

In less than two months, it has reached 12.8 million monthly active users, according to our AppData tracking service. That makes it the 12th largest app on Facebook, and the fifth largest game. Going by daily active users, its 2.68 million people make it the 13th and seventh-largest app. Although it has seen a normal post-launch decline in in its DAU/MAU “sticky” ratio, the number is still hovering above a healthy 20%.

The developer has also been pushing out smaller titles, like Deep Realms, that might not pull in the masses, but could still monetize very well with smaller serious-gamer demographics.

Disney bought Playdom for a variety of reasons, as we explored in this investigative piece last year. It wanted to get in on another area of gaming, as it struggled with console titles. It wanted a new distribution channel for promoting its existing IP. It wanted the experienced executives and metrics-driven product teams.

The focus on original IP today is a bit of a change from previous explanations of the deal. But as long as Playdom continues to build new games, and grow and make money, it’s going to be an important asset for Disney as it transitions its businesses to the web.

Today, Playdom has 28.3 million MAU and 4.51 million DAU. It’s still not close to market leader Zynga, but it’s continued to be one of the largest social game developers on the platform.