CrowdStar’s New Happy Island Game Is The First To Exclusively Use Facebook Credits for Virtual Currency Payments

Facebook’s virtual currency, Credits, has been available in its gift shop since last year, and third party developers have had access to it since this past spring. But in the latest milestone in the product’s long-awaited rollout, social game developer CrowdStar has launched a new game, called Happy Island, that only allows users to buy virtual currency with Facebook Credits. (In game coins can still be earned through game play.)

In the “Pay with Facebook” tests we’ve seen so far, Facebook Credits has always been offered as one of several virtual currency payment options (along with PayPal, credit card, mobile, etc.). This is the first game we’ve seen that only uses Credits, and comes just weeks after we began hearing that Facebook has been talking with many developers about having them implement its virtual currency.

We expect to see more games coming out that also tightly integrate Credits.

More about Happy Island, from our review over on Inside Social Games:

Here’s a game for any Facebook user stuck in a cold part of the world for the next several months: Happy Island, the latest social game from CrowdStar.

You start with a tropical, volcanic island — think: Hawaii — and your job is to grow your tourism business via attractions like hotels, luaus and fruit stands, bringing in more customers and earning more money so you can further expand your island tourism chain.

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We’ll keep tracking all of Facebook’s virtual currency initiatives. For more context, see our previous story A Running Summary of Facebook’s Virtual Currency Tests.

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