Correction Intrigue

A fascinating and intriguing correction from Karen Feld‘s gossip column:

Karen Feld’s August 19, 2005 “Buzz” column discussed several contacts made by Kathy Benz, an assignment editor at CNN. The column said Ms. Benz had been linked romantically with nine men. We now believe we were the target of an Internet “spoofer” who used an email address that appeared to come from another news organization.

Ms. Benz has filed a lawsuit against The Washington Examiner regarding this column; while we ordinarily would not comment on pending litigation, we have learned that Mark Kulkis was interviewed by Ms. Benz but they never had a relationship of any kind. In her complaint, Ms. Benz says that she dated Gary Williams, Paul Bosserman and John Daggett, but did not date the other men mentioned in the column. We regret the errors.

We did not intend to suggest any improper relationship or misuse of her position at CNN and apologize to Ms. Benz for any offense taken.

Anyone have more information on this from Benz’s side or more details on the lawsuit?