Continuing International Push, Facebook Announces Developer Contest in India


Facebook is fighting hard to gain ground against Orkut in India, and now is launching a new developer contest for original applications developed in the country.

Facebook has just announced the Facebook Developer Contest – India, giving resident developers in India a shot at winning cash prizes in one of two categories: Facebook Applications and Facebook Connect integrations. The contest runs from now until September 11, and is only open to residents of India.

The contest is a move to spur development in a country that has seen incredible growth recently, with Facebook users in India jumping to more than 3 million from 1.6 million in May. By luring developer attention, Facebook hopes to grab more users from Orkut, which remains the dominant social networking site in India.

This contest is the latest in the “Build, Engage, Win” series that Facebook has created targeting developers in specific countries. Winners from France and Spain were announced in May, and German winners were announced last October. Facebook continues to move into more and more international markets, and encouraging developers from more countries to become involved in building home-grown applications will spur more interest in Facebook – and let more users better relate to apps on the Facebook Platform.