Freelance Journos: Would You Do A Little Content Marketing?

CONTENTRUNNER LOGOThe one thing every journalist knows (apart from how to get a source to return a call just before a deadline) is that we also have to be experts in something besides getting a good story. Business news. Sports. Tech. National security.

That’s why Content Runner’s new “Offerings” feature caught my eye. Content Runner specializes in matching writers up with people who need content. Yes, when I hear “content marketing,” I cringe a little bit, too. It can feel like making a deal with the devil. Unless that devil is paying you some extra cash. There’s no reason why working journos — especially freelancers — shouldn’t be able to make a little on the side.

It’s not just pennies per word either. Co-founder Chad Fisher explained to me that when they launched seven months ago, they attracted a lot of “users” looking for writers, but paying just pennies. “It was a race to the bottom, price wise. And we know there is a market out there for another class of writers,” he says. So they launched “Offerings,” where writers can create a profile, explain their area of expertise, include writing samples, links to social media profiles, and set their own price.

“No matter how niche you think your area of expertise is,” says Fisher, there’s an agency willing to pay for quality content. Publishers contact you directly through Content Runner’s platform and you are paid directly through them. Content Runner takes a 15% transaction fee — from the publisher. So if you set a price of $500 for a feature piece, you get every dollar. There’s also an “Extras” feature where you can modify your price depending on the job and negotiate with the publisher if something is going to take more time and more compensation.

The “Offerings” listings is still in beta and they are in “selective outreach” mode. If you think you have the expertise and the time to take on some extra work, you can contact them directly or follow them @ContentRunner for updates.